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Your parents hate it when you stay up late watching cartoons... but that's not gonna stop you. Other things might tho.

WARNING, THERE ARE RAPID VISUAL EFFECTS AND FLASHING LIGHTS ON THE SCREEN IN A SECTION OF THE GAME. I would go backto tweak and change this but I've misplaced project files, I'm sorry.

Very short horror game set in the 90s about finding VHS tapes.

Visual Design: Meu

Programming, game design, animation: David Rodríguez Madriñán

Models, textures: Perfecto Antonio Carballo Oliveira, Lara Calo Alonso

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(121 total ratings)
TagsHorror, linux, Low-poly, mac, pc, Pixel Art, PSX (PlayStation), Psychological Horror, Unity, Walking simulator


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TV Night 1.1 PC.zip 44 MB
TV Night 1.1 Mac.app.zip 45 MB
TV Night 1.1 Linux.zip 46 MB

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Super little horror game this one

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Such a good game,i really liked it.The sounds where amazing and so creepy!


everything is fine here. 



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Fun game! One thing I was just curious about was the transition when you looked into the view finder and the game was drawn instead of the 3d models. Was that the kids imagination because he couldn't see? Great work!

Really awesome concept!



Good little horror game. 

First game in the video! Really scary game, loved its simplicity. 

check out my video 🙂


It's pretty spoopy! nice :)


Really spooky atmosphere super creepy! Hope you continue making fun scary games! Here's my playthrough with some other games - 

This was good would like to see something new!

That was a really cool game, I'm glad I played it! The style of the game, the atmosphere and gameplay were really good and creepy! Please check out my vid.

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Very nice. good job


I still didn't play this but the font is so cool also 50 MB (Really 44.9 MB) is a so appropriate size for a game.

NEVER Go To The KRUSTY KRAB At 3AM | 3 Scary Games

thank for this game ! 

This game was great! It was spooky and interesting the whole time. Never a dull moment. Also the TV had some fineeeee legs. 


I was literally tense the entire game, definitely some unexpected stuff, amazing job!


Was a fun indie horror! The flashing lights was a little bit too much for my liking but the gameplay was fun. 7/10. Game starts at 06:52 in my video!

Yeah, flashing lights were a first game mistake, thanks for playing!


homie went insane with the TV static animation, great job 



This game was QUITE creepy! Thanks for the experience!


just a little fun game. pretty enjoyable.


nice little game. was pretty creepy.


Enjoyed the game! Not gonna lie, that TV had some nice THICK legs. Nice game! I like how if you explored the house you got hidden spooky effects. Keep up the great work!


I had a blast with this one! Not what I was expecting at all, and I love it! Keep up the great work!


Great atmosphere. Really fun game. 


Really nice and creepy atmosphere, would've loved if it was a little challenging. Also, pretty well done visual effects!



Nice game! seeing the dude walk into my room was scary xD


Loved your game, lots of fun. Enjoyed the graphics and the storyline, especially the glitchy monster. Great, short and full experience, thanks for creating :)

Check out my video :)

This was an awesome game!! The main monster in this game was super cool and I loved the story! Good job devs! This was great!

♥ love you guys ♥

wow these vhs tapes are cursed and if you play them bad things happen.. I enjoyed this one, it was unique and different! spooky vibes in this dark home :D

Very good game!

good TV

Great work and good job guys :)

We need to talk about that poster! lol

Thanks I didn’t need to sleep tonight anyway ;u;

Short experience but I found it to be fun. More creepy than scary. Looking forward to more.

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