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I loved it! Short and spooky, the perfect balance for a short horror. All I want to say is good work, hope to see more of your work in the future!

Merry Christmas!

That's not Scary, but i Like!

this is one creepy ass game. I appreciate the originality. 

great game but may i ask you to add a sensitivity feature

I'm sorry the default didn't work for you, it was my first game. I'll strive to have an options menu in the next one.


Very scary game love the vhs style horror.

Scary and Unique kind of a game ! short but good 

I love your idea of the monster :d there's something creepy about having a TV as a head :D WANT MORE!

What a creepy game lol now I have a fear of TVs lol this was the first game in my 3 scary games!

Fantastic build up in the game to such a bizarre ending. The sounds and glitches were grating, which I assume was the intent, and that... thing... was awesome looking.

Thank you!! Still a lot to learn :)

Nice game bro i liked it. Those who are checking out my video pls check out my other videos too pls pls

Game was good!  Great job

That was cool. Best part for me was the knock on the door and looking through the peephole. You know it's always a bad idea to do that in a horror, so it made me nervous, lol.

this game didn't open up for me. mac running catalina 10.15

I'm very sorry this happened, it's hard to test since I don't have access to a Mac computer.

You can try this fix I found (replacing the parts that refer to the example Call of Duty with the appropriates for this game)


will there be more to this game

I don't know if specifically TV night related, but there will be more games in the future. Thank you!

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when the game starts it just spins for me and i even restarted the game while recording and it still spun around any reason for this to happen? have others mentioned a similar bug?

Make sure you dont have a controller plugged in. I had this experience a few times with other games only to find out it was cause my controller was plugged in and laying on the ground with the thumbsticks spinning in circles lol

As originaltryshock mentioned, the game can be played with a controller technically but the model of it could make the camera not work properly, if you unplug other controllers and it still happens let me know, sorry for the inconveniences

Let me talk to Cynthia Gonzales Martinez real quick lmao. Tv Night funny gameplay!!!


Just played the game and I am at a loss for words. Good game. 


Hellow there creator. I played your game and it was pretty good. I actually did scared by that tv.... Anyway here is my gameplay of your game. ENJOY!!

I enjoyed playing your game! Keep up the good work, creators!

Thank you for the game! it was really awesome and scary, great job!

Brings me back ;D! Thanks for the fun!


Thanks!!! Glad you liked the posters :P

Awesome game and great concept this really freaked me out. Great Job!

Thank you!!

this is my walkthrough of the game ^^ i created my channel recently so please support me by subscribing and i hope u enjoy ^-^ btw amazing game i rlly liked it!!


Thanks a lot! Very entertaining.


Wasn't expecting much but damn I actually really enjoyed this!


Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed it

Really enjoyed the premise and game! Looking out for more projects in future! 

Thank you!!

I play a lot of horror games and even though I'm generally easy to make jump, it takes quite a lot to get under my skin and truly make me feel uncomfortable. You have managed to do just that and I love it so very very much!!


Aw thank you so much!! I'm glad it got to you >:) nice video

Hey y'all wonderful people here is my gameplay on this awesome game have a great day and if u get this game enjoy! :)


Creepy but interesting game! I'll link my gameplay if you're interested in watching.

Thank you!! Real chill playthrough


Thank you!!

Creepy and silly, nicely done!

Glad you liked it!

Looks really creepy!

Show post...


Thank you!!!! :)

Awesome game! I had a scary time to play this game. Keep it up!

Thanks a lot!!

Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay

Thanks a lot!!! It was a fun playthrough

Thank you so much i'm glad you liked it :) .

Creepy game! Loved it! The song in it got a copy write warning just to let you know! Great game! Keep up the good work!

Oh no! But I downloaded specifically because it's a public domain song, if this article didn't lie :(

Thanks tho!! The video was fun, it was supposed to be Britney Spears in the poster, but your take might be funnier x)

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The title can be easily changed! Done!😂

Hey can I ask which one was the song that gave the copyright warning? Was it the one on the stereo?


Great Game

Thank you!!! The first one to turn the stereo off lol

Nice game, loved the vhs aesthetic really made the game a lot more compelling. The charcter model for the TV guy was really well made overall great game, hope to see more of your content!

Thanks a lot!! It was fun seeing you say "Nope" to the knocking door lol

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Yeah lmao and no problem!

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Bro the game is really Nice I like these types of games. :)) Rated 5/5.

Thank you!!! 

Just out of curiosity, what made you put the creepy music over it? x)

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Because the game was so silence and I was afraid of copyright. Most of dev include copyright songs that's why I removed them and add a Non-copyright Creepy music :D

SOrry Bro my bad :)

Oh don't worry, it makes sense. I put it only public domain music but someone else still got a copyright warning so... Never too safe

I also faced these type of issues before :)

Waiting for your next game :) 

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