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Very dark and spooky atmosphere to this game, and liked the premise behind it. Well done :)

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Such a fun and unique game. Needs more nudity. Watch the video!

This was creepy

I liked the game I really did but I didn't really get the scary part of it. I see this more as phycological horror. However it still a pretty great game you should try out.

also watch my video on it


Had a blast playing with my wife its the first game in the video after the intro ^_^


It was a good game it but obs didn't seem to want to work with the in game static



Nice game with good story


I Just finished uploading my playthrough of TV Night. It was a cool game, i enjoyed it, and i wish it was a little bit longer . Good job david.


Loved the graphics, atmosphere and little creeps here and there. Could of used one good jump scare, but overall loved it. 

I just tried out this game , its amazing. One of the best small horror games i have played.


one of the best indie horror games i've played!

do you plan on making a sequel. i like this game, and the game ended on a cliff hanger. so i hope to see more of this game

Not at this moment, I am constantly learning and trying new things, but if some day I do it'll be here :)

ok. can't see the TV world, maybe play as the kid again, or a parent or a person who knows him. and getting to see more of the monster's origin, the videos on the tv tells us little known origin of the monster, and that's pretty cool idea


what happend to the parents ? 

Haven't you heard? They are having a hell of a time! :)

lol can you do like a sequel about the like what happend to the boy and the parents ? i know this impossible right now maybe in the future


I don't think so, if anything from this project ever came back it might be the TV Man


um hey... can u please(i beg u) make more pixelated games without horror but still the ability to wander around the world


Hahahaha maybe some day! If you haven't tried it, Smalls Island Woes is a little less creepy than this one and has a bigger world.

ok.. i'll see


Just finished uploading my playthrough of TV Night. Wish the game was longer and gave me a bit more insight as to what is happening. Creepy and self aware almost

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TV Night

Created by Jaboblu

Evil TV and all I really enjoyed this game, it really brings me back when my imagination was off the chain! Great job! hope you enjoy the art.

Thank you!! I love this drawing


Thanks for replying, I make one of these everyday on my YouTube channel playing horror games! Thanks again!




Really nice little game! Short, well made, no bugs and scary. I jumped a few times in my chair. Nice job! Buen trabajo chicos!

I made a video about it, you can watch it here -->>

It has no commentary because I intend to make relaxing videos, hope you enjoy it! :)


Gracias! :)


This was a cool game. I do enjoy Pixelated-style horror games very much! The only thing I will say, is that it didn't have much sound to it, but I believe it was all part of the experience. 

But really good! Good game!

-Smooches, XxMelodicaxX

Gracias por jugar! :)


No hay de que. Me  encantó! :)


This game was really fun i just had my sound off which made it scarier lmao 

Buenísimo! los desarrolladores son españoles?

Si :)


Oh haha pues me ha encantado, precisamente estoy haciendo un top de juegos indie de terror y me ha gustado mucho el vuestro, corto pero intenso y original. Muy buen trabajo!

Muchas gracias!


I enjoyed this one. Kinda creepy and I like how it looks. Thanks for the fun!


i like this game is really entertaining

please visit my channel


Really loved the game! (btw loved the Nirvana poster lol)

heres my video i made on it!

Really cool little experience!

This game is pretty scary.

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There's a typo that I found while editing this. When mousing over a tape, it says "Grap Tape" instead of "Grab Tape".

Scariest game I've played so far. 

The buildup and dread was incredible, but the conclusion was not.

Also the TV was unnecessarily sexual.

I never noticed that typo hahaha, you're the first one I think, thank you x)

so did you patch it?

I don't want to risk doing a new build when I haven't been in that code for months, it'll have to live on in the internet as a testament to my poor reading skills forever!!!



Interesting idea, cheers! 

Es una lastima que sea tan corto el juego :(

Me gusto mucho,muy buen proyecto de horror

Fue el primero! Gracias por jugar :)

The idea for this game was pretty interesting and I really had fun playing it!

cool game:

Very Spooky!

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I love this game. I WANT PART 2 PLZ

I download the game on MAC but when I open it it says the app can't open but doesn't say why. Can you explain this problem to me please?


I don't own Mac but apparently a recent update blocks all unsigned programs from running. I think you can Google a fix, but as I don't own a Mac I can't help you, I'm sorry.


It's ok,  I understand. Btw I already fixed the problem after searching on the internet. I'll send you the link to my gameplay when I finished. But, if you'd like, please subscribe to me on YT:

P.S (just in case): On mac, you need to type a command "chmod +x" and then the file that open the app + I want to be friends.

P.P.S: I also try doing games

I was just about to type a lengthy comment about how frustrating it is when someone who searches online for a fix, finds one and then goes: "nvm, found a fix" without stating in the thread what the fix was, but then I saw that you had stated it in the post script and I was relied of the burden of having to type a lengthy, rambling, comment.

Oh wait...

This one gave me the creeps. Big Time.


awesome if brightness was higher then I would be able to see

Did you get the flashlight? I'm sorry there is no brightness slider.

This was fun. I made a new friend. I agree with Absolute Voltz vvv, very reminiscent of poltergiest with was amazing.

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