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"It's your job.

Do it."

UPDATE: Try to find all the new stuff.

Also, the song on the record player is supposedly public domain, so you SHOULDN'T have copyright problems with it, if the system works as intended... (It's the Boodle Am Shake)

Made for the HauntedPS1 Wretched Weekend gamejam in 2 days. Follow us on twitter @kenshod and @plentyofalcoves

UPDATE 2.01: Fixed a nasty bug with certain super secret


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Smalls Island Woes 2.01.zip 144 MB
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Old Jam Windows Build 100 MB

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So two things.. the lighthouse is creepy and im immortal apparently.


What a nice lighthouse! I sure do hope nothing bad happens in 11523178975.34521 years.


I put this game in my video - 


this is an absolutely fantastic game...

very interactive, with beautiful PS1 aesthetics and with a truly nice, gradual horror (atmospheric horror, my favorite kind!).

i saw a video about this game by alphabeta gaming, and i really liked playing this creepy game!

please make more games like this, full of creepy, yet atmospheric fear....

(i hate jumpscares, i prefer a ''slow burn'' fear in an atmospheric setting for a better effect)

anyways, excellent job, keep it up!

Thank you so much!

Good game I rate this is as 3/5 stars (minimum)

This is a list of thoughts of your game:

The Good Side:

  • I like that this game does well match up with the PS1 graphics almost looking like the real PS1 game.
  • I think the dialog is good
  • I like the artwork and the character design

The Bad Side:

  • I think the map is too small
  • I think that the story is to short
  • You can see a line insect with the skybox/wall
  • I feel like their should be more stuff to interact with
  • It feels like this is cheap that the npc's are just 2D textures and that if you are trying to fit with the PS1 models, you should make the characters 3D instead of 2D

To be honest the graphics and the whole game it self look like a N64 game style type

I would recommend this to only very short games


absolutely terrifying


Thank you! Hey, out of nowhere, but do you mind telling me where you heard of this game? I've seen a sudden increase of players and nice reviews and I was wondering if some publication talked about it or someone well known played it.

i was just looking through horror games and came across it


i loved it.

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Great game!

Good game you've made here, man. Kudos!

Version 2.0 has some kind of skill increase(Ancient fire thingy), does that mean there's some kind of fighting or combat in this game?

No, I'm afraid it's a joke ^^u


Yo you really made a cool game I'm really glad I played it . I also made a video on it 


Not a bad game, good luck in the future!



Replayed for fun. Still one of my favorites on itchio


this game is like a melting nightmare, 10/10

No Commentary

I remember that I played this one more similar, only that there was a floating snail, someone knows what the game will be called, what am I talking about?

脥cono de validado por la comunidad


I loved the game, the way the game gets weirder and weirder, that gives the game terror, the noises, the NPCs and their phrases. Scary and perfect. I hope you make more games like this. Ah, port your games to Linux too.

Thank you! I'll keep that in mind

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Awesome creepy little game, with a great atmosphere.



Very neat creepy, atmospheric game. I enjoyed playing it. Pretty short in length (maybe 10 minutes) but it does a good job.


Intriguing, odd little game. Not very scary, but creepy, in a sense. The dialogue is important to appreciate the full experience, so read it every time you get on the island/leave. I'd be interested in knowing the full story of why this person decided to work at the light house, and why these strange things kept happening. The ending is alright. Overall I'd play it again, and I recommend it.

Das Spiel ist echt gut. hab ein Video auf YouTube dazu gemacht

-Made a Video. (v1.0)

-The Game: 02:42 (The 2nd Game)


such a fun story. love the creepy details! are there other endings?


Thank you!! There are no other endings, although there is a pretty hard to find easter egg


I have no idea what was really going on, but it was damn creepy nonetheless.  Good stuff!

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A fun little story, really enjoyed this one, I liked the gradual descent into madness.

I knew there was something up with those purple plants.



See our full review here; gaull.xyz (#9)


Atmospherewas so good. Also loved the story. Keep on it.


This game was hella uncomfortable. And weird. I loved it. Thanks!

Here's a recording I made!



Great game my dude, my favourite PS1 styled horror yet! I'm going to post a video of it shortly! :)


Video up and ready, thanks again!

Aww Man! that was Awesome! I had fun playing this game. even though it was weird at some point and a bit uncomfortable, this game got me good man. i like the voice acting. for me it was really smooth. i hope i can play more works from you my guy! 

p.s game starts at 0:19


Wasn't working on Catalina until I followed these steps, now it opens! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9TtoOJjGpU

Awesome!! Thanks for sharing here.


We found your secret, David. ;) 


YOU NAILED IT!!! I'm so glad it's not an impossible mess.


Just finished playing this and I have to say the tension was great! I really enjoyed the growing eerieness that kepy coming. It's simple, but it didn't need much else to make me wary of going to the lighthouse. Great job!


yooooo this game was mad creepy check out the react!!

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I wish there was more! This game is a masterpiece!


i love this game sure its short but its so damn good 


Thank you!! :)


Pour les Francophones !


De rien 馃槈


I played it before the update and the upadte really adds more to the game like the creature sliding under the bad was a really nice touch. Would love to see more things like that 


Thank you!


I really enjoyed playing this game a lot. There was a story told here that was dropped in a subtle way, which is pretty difficult to do, and I loved how the game looked. This was a really great game.


Pretty cool game, I quite enjoyed it and I liked the style. I made a video of it if anyone would like to check it out. 

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