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Your game is so unsettling, and you actually got a scare out of me with that "thing" in the lighthouse, I'm soo grateful that this game got on mac!


Disturbing. Scared me shitless by the end of it. 10/10

(It's the third game I play on this video!)


That was an awesome game bro


I liked the art design and the progression of the environment as the game went along. A great mix of creepy and fun.


This is such a great game. I love how the tone shifts gradually into something very surreal. I had a lot of fun with this! 


Thank the author for the game


This was very much my favorite game I did in this video. It's got awesome atmosphere and great sounds, it's so unsettling and mysterious I love it. definitely one of my top picks for this jam so far.

To be brutally honest. This was the first game that gave me goosebumps through the entire game. That atmosphere was so great and the meaning behind this game was so so good. I really enjoy this. Waiting for more of your games! 
btw that cat gives off a powerful aura lol!


Not huge in the scare department but it was definitely a fun experience! Left me wanting to know more! Like what the hell was that weird thing on the rock at the end? But cool little game if you want an experience.

The video is my playthrough!




Epic game except for the fisherman guy (I named him Dave). I made an epic video

Simple but works really well!

That was SO AMAZING I think I will replay it a few times! Something's telling me there is more plot and if the next update happens, it will add something new...

Thank you! Last update will come in a few days, hoping to add quite a bit.


The pacing is perfect.. amazing PS1 styled game!


Really................. Unsettling.

I made a tierlist for a lot of the haunted ps1 games and this game was in it! Please check out my video!

Thank you for the kind words! It's an interesting idea since you are not mean to any of the games, but was it intentional to mix different jams and even the demo disc in there?


I kinda just mixed games that fit the same description. These games felt like the best ones from the genre.


This was a particularly bizarre experience to say the least.  It's the first game in the lineup.


Good game.


Gave it a go


I liked the build up a lot, and how the people start reacting to your returns. The timeframe also makes it very puzzling. Well done!

Thank you!


Really well made! I had a lot of fun playing it. I loved the style of the game, the characters and especially the sound design was really well done! It's really great how you slowly start to uncover the mysterie of the island and figure out that something is wrong, but at the end you're still left with more questions than answers. An absolute great game!


Woah thank you for the kind words!!!


The game had a nice increase of tension that shows in the environment and the fact that the lighthouse siren slowly becomes more ominous as the story progress helps. I just wish there was more areas to explore.

Anywho, here's my channel for other games I have played.

Thank you!!! We are gonna have another update soon if you'll want to revisit.


I saw that you responded to me on YouTube but I also wanted to post this here :-) Thanks again for making the game!!


Wish there was more.

Hi, sorry to bother! I seem to get this error message when I try to install and play the game on my MacOS (last attempt April 18, 2020 8:30PM):

"opening archive: creating zip extractor: zip: not a valid zip file"

It looks like I'm able to install other games using the Itch app, so there might be an issue with the latest Mac zip file? Maybe I'm doing something wrong. (Feel free to delete this comment.) 

This game looks super cool :) 

I'm sorry this happened! I just re-built, re-zipped and uploaded the MAC build again, which sadly is all I can do (I don't have a MAC) let me know if it works.

It works!! Thank you so much!



Really good game, very unsettling.

doodle-am doodle-am doodle-am doodle-am doooo

Isn't it the best?


Sweet game. I heard the clown horn too... or was it a bad saxophone player? Hard to say. Had a fun time playing this either way :P. 

Feel proud to be the first person to find and bug report this "secret" :P

This is my favorite PSX style game. Most PSX games are really dull and dark, but this one was full of color and happy things gone dark. It was really cool. Thank you for making this.

Woah thanks!!! Do check the other games in the jam and the haunted ps1 demo disk, there are a lot of great and some colorful games in there!

Hey! Great game, love the vibe and pacing. So, I might be mistaken and it could've been an odd sound from another source. I knocked on one of the doors and it changed what direction I was looking and a sound that sounded like a clown horn? That was the game and i'm not imagining things, right? Haha


*Your cartridge is cursed actualy....*

*Cursed with finding a bugged broken easter egg*

BUT thanks for playing lol


This was really creepy and spooky, good work.

Glad you liked it, thank you for playing!

Awesome game!! Loved the ambience, that was super unnerving :D


Thank you!!


i love this.

I'm glad! thank you for playing!

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

Yep! It's a jam game, the 1.0 update was more for stuff that was missing bc we destroyed ourselves rushing by the end of the submissions time lol

(You know, I say it's done but I bet we'll feel the need to go back in to change something up lol)

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I really liked the way it panned out! It feels like a nicely contained experience but any additions would be welcome in my opinion.

Also I love streaming games like these if you would be okay with that? :)


Yeah! Make videos, stream, do whatever! Just linking the game website is enough. And thanks!

great game is really entertaining

Thanks for playing it!!

you're welcome

played it i love the voice acting and the radio like voice that the fisher man has also the ending is alot creepy i also like the longboi cat

Thank you it's a good long boi!!

Loved it! Also liked how it didn't rely on jumpscares or anything, just buildup.

Thank you!!! I try to.

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Thanks for playing!


What a wonderful, strange little game. Recommend to anyone who wants a nice short experience. Do it.

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Smalls island! :)

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