A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Game made in around a week for the 2 minute horror Jam.

Powered by the HPSX Render Pipeline.

You have 2 minutes before you reach the bottom.


WASD - Move

ESC - Menu (With sensitivity controls)

Left Click - Interact

Can you figure out what happened and save yourself in time?


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What Awaits Us Below.zip 82 MB
What Awaits Us Below 1.0 MAC.zip 82 MB
What Awaits Us Below 1.0 LINUX.zip 85 MB


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Played the game because of the ominious title and didn't disappoint! Sory my video doesn't get all endings, though I tried playing after I made it but couldn't figure out where to get the wires. 

Overall it was a really fun game with a really cool concept. The map which falls down and has a time limit till you reach the end is a really nice touch and done really well. It gives the player enough time to get things done andpiece together the story as well as take in the enviroment.

The way the game looked really suited the overall feel and game itself. It was gritty, dark and had an air of mystery to everything. It made the shadows down below seem pretty spooky and also made the game seem very unique. 

The idea of having floating pages around is a great touch though I might suggest making those notes be different (I went to one of the notes that was floating and it seemed similar or the same as one in the large generator room in the attic area.)

But yeah, overall it was a great game with tonnes of incentive for replayability. You've done a great job on it and good luck for future projects!

Thank you for the in depth feedback! One of the pages might have the same text as another by mistake lol Some day I might fix it up.

Hint, the wires are in the last building :)

Very cool concept. good way to compress a game into 2 minutes.


This game was dope. I couldn't find everything cause I didn't want to look it up but I still had fun.


Pour les Francophones !



Which Engine? Is it godot? ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š


Unity :)

Both good engines :)


love this concept, nicely done low poly graphics too. the collecting notes is cool, and how it's on a short enough loop that you can see different things each time before putting together all the parts. good job!


i had a blast playing the game also interesting concept for a game 


Atmosphere was nice, Sound design is very good, Loved the idea of collecting stuff until you fall down.

10/10 cookies would eat... I mean play again




there should be a second game


A Cool concept, would be pretty sweet if it could be expanded upon


finally found the wires and made it back


Good job! I finished it. It's great way to handle the theme of the jam. ๐Ÿ‘


so good

You got so close!!!! Only 1 item missing




Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thank you! I encourage you to try again and survive >:)


Thank you :) , i didn't know that i can survive lol