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Welcome to the latest and greatest in Geolocation based Augmented Reality entertainment!

Thanks to our deal with Shivers City we've integrated the hit videogame Civilian GO! in an unprecedented way with your town! Enjoy extremely immersive events and activities while you stroll around your beautiful home.

Go out there and make your Mayor proud!

4 monsters, 4 endings. Good luck.

Programming, Design - David Rodríguez Madriñán

Models, textures, animations - David García Láuzara

Pixel art, chiptunes - Perfecto Carballo Oliveira

1st Person character controller by Breogan Hatchett

Haunted PS1 Render Pipeline by Pastasfuture

Additional sounds from Freesounds.org

Additional models by elbolilloduro, chilly_durango, donopardo

I'm afraid I wasn't able to troubleshoot all the issues with the linux and mac versions since I don't have access to the platforms myself, so they are still available but they are not guaranteed to work, sorry!


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Beyond the Phone Screen 1.0.3 MAC.zip 176 MB
Beyond the Phone Screen 1.0.3 Linux.zip 184 MB
Beyond the Phone Screen 1.0.3 Windows.zip 168 MB

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Good game

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for some reason it doesn't work for me :/  

the phone is the only thing that I can see, everything else is just black or non igzistant.

also redownloading does not work

Are you playing on mac or Linux? I'm afraid I can't support those platforms further :( if you're on windows, what version? And could you try launching as administrator? And what's your PCs resolution?

I am on windows 10, administrator does not work, also I don't know what rez it is

I got a new computer and it works now

this game if interesting but really confusing. i might come back to this to try and beat it but for now the only problem i really have with this is that there's no checkpoints. that sucks but isn't that bad i just ran out of time when recording it so i couldn't finish it but other than that it seems great the monsters are uniqe in the way you get rid of them and the augmented reality stuff was really cool to see implemented in a horror game really the only problem is the lack of checkpoints. overall id say this game gets a 8/10 for no checkpoints. if you want to see my playthrough here it is 

if you checked it out i appreciate you and i hope you have a good day regardless

Checkpoints were in the plans at one point, but sadly a save system is too big for a game jam and there was no time, I'm sorry. That said, there are a few secrets to speed things up after you find them and know where they are, and the same can be said about the main events, every playthrough is faster than the last


Interesting game, wish I had more time to play it. 


What a game! Compliments David!


Muito bom! Bem bizarro, a forma de buscar por notas deixadas por outra pessoa e isso nos ajudar a enfrentar os monstros é algo muito bom!
Melhor que Pokemon Go! >:)

Vídeo programado para o dia 17/09.

bad news, playing on Mac and all it shows is black,

How many QR codes are hidden in the game?

2 :)

(1 edit)

Good to know, maybe I will try to look for the second one but currently the achievements from endings are blocking the Play Button or is it on purpose?

it's not........ I might have forgotten about that for version 1.0.1..... I'll try to get a fix out soon.


I'm not sure.

This was a very creepy and intense game. I had to stay on my toes to avoid all the different monsters in the city. Can't wait to see what you make next!




Now THIS is an awesome horror game! It feels so original and on top of all that it's legitimately scary! There's actual gameplay as well! It's nice to get a break from all the "walking sim" style horror games that are floating around these days. Also there's 4 endings! That's some great replay-ability as well! I only really had 2 small issues; I still don't fully understand the blinking question mark stuff. And also the map is BIG. That's not really an issue but the movement speed combined with the limited sprint makes getting around the town a bit tedious. Aside from that this is awesome. I had a lot of fun playing it! Check out my playthrough if you get the chance, I'd appreciate it! Thanks for making the game!

Thank you so much! Yeah, we could've explained the radar a bit better, it works as a "hot or cold" proximity thing.


Really fun game,  I like the multiple endings.

Thank you!!! Good job getting them all!


I completed all of the endings in this game! it was a really interesting experience and i always love the ps1 graphic style. Great job on this one i hope you have more awesome work in the future planned!

Thank you for playing and being so thorough!! 


This game had a really great concept and the atmosphere was really great! I went more in-depth for a review at the end of the video! Keep up the good work!

   - CrazyCheesePuf


I am sad cuz this game isn't on mobile :-C


Ending 2 found. The game is very good. Congrats.


Nice job! Thank you


Me gusto mucho el concepto, buen juego.
Loved the concept, nice game


Muchas gracias!

welp... when i begin playing, it is all black.welp, phone works, but it's...how can i say.. pretty messy

i tried this on itch launcher as well.. same results. 

ps:i am running this on w10

what can i do in this situation?

What's your graphics card and resolution?


question. how do i check my pc's graphics card?

right clicking on your desktop and going to screen settings should show you somewhere, calling it a graphics adapter or something like that

i have intel(r) hd graphics 4000

resolution of the current monitor is 1680x1050

see if it works setting the resolution to a 16:9 ratio, like 1280x720

(1 edit) (+1)

Linux version has a black screen, no render at all and no output on terminal :(

I'm sorry, I can't test Linux, could you try opening it through the itch launcher?


Fantastic stuff, actually scared me and you know I'm jaded as heck! Good job!

Thank you Karen!!!! <3


Amazing game. I'm still behind the other endings, I hope to make it. Congrats and keep it up!

Might be bacause I'm on windows 7, but I'm only getting a black screen. UI is working, but 3d stuff isn't rendering.

Can you trying playing it through the itch launcher? Sadly I can't test windows 7.

Same effect. Well, I'll try it on Mac then.

I have Windows 10 and I'm having the same issue.

Deleted 339 days ago

Nope, your guess is wrong!

Well I think 4 endings are plenty! There might be a tiny easter egg somewhere if you get all of them...

Deleted 339 days ago

nvm got it, I dunno if it's intentional or not but it seems like the ending completion titles when all of them are achieved kind of block the "Play" button if you go to play again

Yeah it's not intentional lol Whenever we release 1.1 I'll get that sorted out. Thank you for playing! Hope you liked it


How to clean the graffiti? I have the cloth but cant do anything with it. The objective is not very clear ( even with the help of suicide notes )

Did you finish the previous event by touching the icon in the app? When holding the rag it doesn't let you clean it?


All i remembered was finishing a task ( i clicked on the star until it disappeared and got points ), then the Mayor poped up and asked me to clean those graffitis ( There's a bunch of graffitis around the city, i might not clean the right one or i couldnt tell which one to clean ), let me try again, will reply to you in about 15mins


the grafitti you have to clean is a very specific one right next to that star in the alley! you will know which one it is bc it glows red


Alright just got the 2nd ending, proceeding to the last 2 ones now. Gotta make a video about this when i got it all

Glad it worked out!!!


Lol my bad, didnt really see the satanic symbol on the wall. Just completed the second task as the mayor asked, proceeding to the third task but i had no idea how to break things, got chased by every single monster holy god ( any tips on how to get rid of those babies? )